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Are you Doing what you Love and Loving what you Do?

Updated: Jan 9

Imagine you're on a warm sunny beach ...

Imagine you're on a warm sunny beach, with a warm salt-air breeze kissing your skin, the sound of the gentle waves as they cascade on the shore, feeling the warmth of your bare feet as they sink softly into the cool, wet sand beneath you ...


Have you ever been on a guided meditation journey that sounded a bit like that, just before you get to the part where your mind quietens, your breathing slows slightly .. and your whole body begins to slowly, slowly relax ....

Well, this is just one way you can experience a guided meditation; there are many different techniques, and many different journeys you can be guided towards ...

When Work is a Pleasure, and it's a Pleasure to Work

I've been writing some new meditations to the library of Guided Meditations included in my online Learn 2 Love 2 Meditate course ... so on a recent trip down to a warm-ish sunny beach in Cornwall UK, I couldn't miss the opportunity to record the sound of the gentle waves cascading on the shore, whilst the warm salt-air breeze kissed my skin, feeling the warmth of my bare feet as they sank softly into the cool, wet sand beneath me ...

I'm sure I've been here before somewhere! Hard life isn't it!

Truth is, it doesn't really feel like work. I love to Meditate. It has been such a life-changer, game-changer, health-improver and all round old time friend to me for - as we say round here - "donkey's years". And when I can share the benefits with others, and they learn to love it too and start reaping the rewards and getting the benefits, that's when I really get a sense of being bang on purpose, in the flow, aligned with my higher self .. or whatever else it can possibly be described as.

It's fun. It's creative. It's rewarding. And it ticks so many of my "doing what I love, and loving what I do" boxes.

At least, perhaps, until I get back home ... then IT BEGINS!

Learning and Growing through Getting Stuck!

Truth is, it doesn't really feel like work. Until, perhaps, I get back home ... then IT BEGINS!

So all I have to do next is:

  • download the audio file, perhaps editing it, then transferring it to my computer

  • write my new Cornish sea-shore-inspired relaxation meditation

  • make a recording of myself reading my new meditation script

  • maybe consider adding some incidental musical sound here and there, without overdoing it

  • synchronise all the audio files and merge them all together to create a single audio track

  • save the new audio track in my unique "Learn to Love to Meditate" MEDITATIONS folder

  • upload it into my Guided Meditation Library and finally ...

... share it with my Students and invite them to share this journey with me.

So sit back, put your feet up, and immerse yourself in a Guided Meditation that will quieten the mind, slowly, gently, helping you to relax more and more deeply with every breath.

Yep, that's me ticking all my "doing what I love, and loving what I do" boxes.

But it doesn't always go that smoothly.

I get stuck! I forget where I've filed things. Audio files get "corrupted" and I can't open them, transfer them, or retrieve them. My audio-editing software decides it's just not going to play. My internet "bombs out". My computer locks up. My recordings mysteriously disappear. I accidentally delete my MEDITATIONS folder or move it somewhere else and spend AGES trying to find it again. And it's just all so surprisingly and unexpectedly time-intensive! Especially when I have a lot of tasks to complete that day, and this is just a tiny bit of them: it's that classic "should only take 20 minute" job that ends up take a whole working day .. and then some!

Now, I'm stressed! And we all know what happense when we get stressed, don't we. No? Well, I refer back to a previous blog post on Stress-Triggers to Know About and yep, now this whole thing is ticking THOSE boxes too.

Especially the one about the loss of humour.

But it doesn't feel "aligned" to stay in that state for very long .. the irritation, annoyance, frustration, overwhelm, disheartenment and so on.

After all, there is no problem that you can't find a "How To" Tutorial video on You Tube. Is there?

And when I'm working with clients who feel stuck and beaten by their health issues and challenges, I am there, leading the way, encouraging them to take a wider view and a different perspective, a way forward - even it its only baby steps.

So let me take a breath, re-wind, re-frame, and get my take-responsibility-for-my-life head back on!

So what about You?

What ever the are of life that you feel most stuck in, what is it you do to help yourself get unstuck? Whether it's Love, Relationships, Spirituality, Education, Finances, Professional Development, Home, Environment, Health ... we all get stuck from time to time.

And actually, that's ok.

Because we have strategies for living life that need updating from time to time. Who doesn't want to spend more time Doing What They Love and Loving What They Do anyway; how ever impossible, challenging, or downright annoying and overwhelming things might get in the moment.

I find it really helpful to keep checking in with myself at regular intervals; not every 5 minutes, but definitely every 6 months or so.

What is it that's most important to me right now?

Life and circumstances change. Things we once held as our highest priority can get superceded as events unfold in life. Yet there really is nothing that isn't solvable. All of us can find steps forward, however teeny tiny they might be until we get back in "the flow", "alignment with higher self", living with passion and purpose ... whatever that might be for you.

Still Stuck?

Wherever you are on your own journey, please know that you ALWAYS have options and choices.

It could be just time to take the time to pause, breathe, and take that journey along that warm sunny beach. Perhaps you'd like to join me there soon?

Want to feel better?

Then let's get started. Find our your Top 5 Passions And discover how to start living them from TODAY.

Get your Free Assessment here.

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