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Learn to Love to Meditate

The Online Course with Eileen Strong

For many people, Meditation is a subject shrouded in mystery with more than just a small sprinkling of confusion.  It's hard to be sure what it is or what it isn't, what it should or what it shouldn't be, how it works, whether or not it can help you and, of course,  how to actually DO it!  


If you've pondered this yourself, and just haven't found the right place to start yet, then it's no mistake you've landed here today ....   

Start your Meditation Journey here

I have been teaching Meditation since 2014 and had already been meditating for many years before that.   I am definitely a member of the Meditation "Fan Club"! 

We may be drawn to it from a range of different backgrounds, cultures, perspectives, needs and desires. 


Perhaps we are simply "meditation curious" and just want to find out more about it from a reliable source that we trust, or perhaps we want to engage more deeply with a practice that supports our personal development and spiritual growth. 


There are many, many different entry points into the vast world of Meditation.  My approach to Meditation is that it needn't be a daunting or intimidating task to learn how to Meditate .


In my experience, it's a very natural thing to enter what I call "a meditative state" and it need only be as complicated as you want to make it.    It can be a very simple practice, that just slots smoothly into your life and is an absolute joy.  For other people, it can be just the opposite. 


What does seem to be true for everybody, however, is that Meditation Has Benefits.  


This course will help you get a great introduction to Meditation and provide you with a foundational practice for every day use. 


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Just click the button below to find more information on the course, its contents, launch dates and price options.  

Thank you! 

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