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The Passion Test

Create the fulfilling life you deserve


Learn how to align your life with your passions and create positive change in your life.  

Who can take the Passion Test?

The Passion Test is a simple yet powerful and effective system you can use time and time again to create positive, lasting change in your life.

Anyone can benefit from taking The Passion Test, and especially if any of the following ring true for you:

  • You feel like something important is missing from your life .. and you aren't quite sure exactly what it is. 

  • You feel there's a big void in your life but you aren't sure how to fill it.

  • You are at a crossroads in life, and don't want to make a wrong decision.  

  • You feel overwhelmed ... there is so much you want to do, be or have, and you aren't sure where to start!

  • You spend so much time and energy supporting others around you, you feel your own needs and wants have slipped out of reach?

  • You simply want to feel more joy, peace, and fulfillment in your life.                                                              

Well, if you want to create some positive changes in your life .. the Passion Test could be just what you need right now.

What will the Passion Test do for you?


  • Connect with and gain clarity on your deepest and most heartfelt desires; what is it that will bring more happiness and fulfillment into your life?

  • Learn the one secret that will help you take inspired action to create positive change;

  • Get absolute clarity on what is most important to you at this time;

  • Cover all areas of your life; relationships, career, spirituality, education, home, finance, health etc;

  • Discover your Top 5 Passions and learn how to align your life more with them

"When you are clear, what you want will show up in your life...
and only to the extent you are clear."

Janet Bray Attwood - The Passion Test

It's never too late to get started aligning your life with the things you love most, the things you most desire ... however impossible you might think that could be right now based on your current situation. 

Below, you will find 5 options giving you different ways to just get started!!  Life-changing transformation starts with a single step ... whether it's a teeny baby step or a huge giant stride!   Just get started ... you can do it!  Please read on ...  

Jack Canfield is one of America's leading success coaches.  Here's  a short video of Jack sharing how taking The Passion Test helped him get clarity on his Top 5 Passions too!

Join Eileen today and take the Test!

Eileen was first introduced to the Passion Test in 2013 through a business coach entrepreneur she was working with.  It was one of Eileen's first experiences of being coached ... and it proved to have such a transformative impact on her business and personal life, that she knew she had to learn this to share with others!  She travelled to Chicago in 2014 to join The Passion Test family on an intensive 4-day course that trained her - along with 30 other people from all over the world - and became a Certified Facilitator, so she could share the same potentially life-changing benefits with others. 

So why not be amongst those thousands of people around the world who are choosing to live a more passionate, joyful, fulfilling life; being your authentic self, and choosing those things that are inspired by your heartfelt desires.

Eileen will guide you through your own personal Passion Test process so you can start actively creating more fulfillment and joy in your life straight away.  You'll also gain valuable insights into those things that have been holding you back in the past ... at least, until now!


What Eileen's clients say about the Passion Test

"This should be taught in schools! I would certainly recommend this to anyone ... if I can get clarity on my passions and therefore know what goals to set, then anyone can benefit from this! Some people may believe that this life is their lot, but with the Passion Test they'll soon discover a true reason and purpose, and it can keep changing. How exciting! ... For me, the Passion Test has opened my eyes, my heart.. and my soul is coming out to play at last!" - Wayne, Heanor

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