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Quantum Touch

Quantum-Touch® is a method of natural / energy / vibrational therapy that works with the Life Force Energy of the body to promote optimal wellness.


Life-force energy has been documented in thousands of studies, and it is recognised in many different cultures all over the world and known by other names such as Ki, Chi, Prana etc.   Most of us don't notice it flowing within us and around us until we stop to give it our close attention.   

Since Quantum-Touch works to raise the vibration of the body's natural energy field, it is completely harmonious with the body's innate healing wisdom.  It is safe and effective and helps the body restore balance in its cells, tissues, systems, and organs.

It is gentle, non-invasive, and non-manipulative. The Quantum-Touch Practitioner uses only the lightest touch during a treatment, combined with specific energy-body awareness and breathwork techniques. These help to raise the client's energetic vibration on a sub-cellular level through the scientific principles of resonance & entrainment.

The client's own natural healing processes are thereby supported and accelerated, with the effects usually being noticeable within the first five or ten minutes of the treatment.

When I demonstrate Quantum-Touch at events,  I show the way that bones will move, usually within minutes and with only the lightest touch .. purely using Quantum-Touch techniques.  So as you see, it is an extremely powerful, versatile technique... and presents anyone that learns it with a valuable practical skill for life that can be used  for self-healing, as well as for helping loved ones (near or far) including pets. 

Its limits truly are not yet known. 


Quantum-Touch may be used as either a standalone therapy or - for therapists and other health professinal, it can easily be combined with other treatments such as Massage Therapy (which I also offer, just ask for details), Reflexology, Reiki, Crystal Therapies etc.   I first learnt Quantum-Touch 10 or more years ago, and even today,  I have a lot of fun experimenting with it.  

What happens during a session?

During a Quantum-Touch session, the client remains fully clothed and may stand, sit or recline on a treatment couch, whichever is most appropriate and comfortable.

I  carry out a simple body-alignment assessment and adjustment on the Client, and the focus of the treatment will usually be the area of the body where any pain or discomfort is located, whether physical or emotional.   The client will be encouraged to provide feedback throughout the treatment so that the Practitioner can adjust hand positions and vibrational energy levels as appropriate, in response to the body's rebalancing and adjustment processes.

The client will often feel inner warmth or coolness during the treatment, accompanied by feelings of deep relaxation.

The Practitioner will not need to make any diagnosis but purely provides the conditions to maximise the client's natural healing processes as they present themselves at the time.

Quantum-Touch can be experienced both in-person and over distance.

To book a Quantum-Touch treatment with me, please contact me initially via this website's contact page (Contact Eileen)

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Get in touch with me to book a Quantum-Touch session today.

Did you Know - You can learn Quantum-Touch?

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Perhaps you are already a therapist or health professional wishing to add a powerful new dimension to your existing work?   Quantum-Touch has been endorsed by practitioners from a wide range of medical and alternative therapy backgrounds because it can be used to substantially enhance their existing work.

Welcome to the world of Quantum-Touch where we enter a refreshing new paradigm of addressing health and healing, from a quantum/sub-atomic perspective where vibrational energy frequencies are no longer limited by time itself, or space, or distance.  As technology gets more and more advanced, our understanding of humans as a species, and of the way the Universe itself works, is changing.  Humans are capable of so much more than we ever have previously comprehended.    Newton's laws of force and mass have provided a foundation for subsequent scientific research into "how things work", and have even been the basis that has enable humans to rocket themselves into space.  But, the more we learn and begin to understand about the Universe, the more we - as humans - can open ourselves up to the concept of unlimited choices and infinite choices.

" Newton's laws are heading for the bin because they have been exposed as only approximately correct.  They work well in many instances, but totally fail when it comes to describing quantum phenomena.  The laws of quantum theory replace Newton's laws and furnish a more accurate description of the world ... it isn't "Newton for big things and quantum for small": it is quantum all the way"

Authors: Prof Brian Cox & Jeff Forshaw 

The Quantum Universe: Everything That Can Happen Does Happen

So, how can you start to tap further into your natural healing skills? How can you learn more about how to use them, amplify them, and direct them so that you are able to help yourself, and others, improve health?  

Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop


I teach the Quantum-Touch 2-day basic Level 1 workshop in Derbyshire throughout the year and will also travel to Scotland and throughout the UK to groups organising workshops at their own venue.

The Live Level 1 workshops are a wonderful introduction to the entire Quantum-Touch energy-system, during which you get to learn some the essential basic techniques and some intermediate/advanced techniques too.  The Level 1 workshop equates to around 16 hours training; usually segmented into 2 full days training, or perhaps 4 half days of training. 


You'll work with myself as your tutor, and the other students too.  You'll  learn the theory behind Quantum-Touch and gets lots of hands-on experience which means you'll be confident at offering this beautiful healing energy to others, and enjoy receiving it too!  


And remember, if you'd like to organise your own workshop for yourself and some friends, I'd be delighted to come and share Quantum-Touch with you at your own venue.  


 Here's a bonus too!  f you happen to live in a very remote area, or have difficulty travelling too far, our Quantum-Touch workshops can also be held via Zoom.  These are referred to as our Virtual workshops.  They are fully inter-active with your tutor and other students, cover the same syllabus as the In-Person workshops .. and all you need is a really good internet connection and a large screen. 

There are more details on the workshop syllabus on my Events Page where you'll find dates of upcoming scheduled training days, and more details on what you'll learn.  

If you have any questions about learning Quantum-Touch, or what you can use it for, etc., I am happy to chat with you and suggest that you email me via the Contact Page on this website, quoting "QT Q&A" in the subject heading. 

Anyone who feels a desire to help others can learn to do great energy-healing work - even with just a couple of hours of training and even if they don't believe it they can do it!   It's a natural gift every single one of us possesses; all we need to do is explore ways of tapping into that natural skill, and using it.  

Do you have health issues of your own that you'd like to address from an energetic-perspective?  And perhaps you also have friends, family or even pets with health issues that you'd like to be able to help in some way, if you possibly can. (And, yes, you can!!) 

The Original Quantum-Touch "Video" Workshop


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The Energy Boost Mini-Class

A short 2.5 hour class with an emphasis on boosting your own self care:

Learn basic Energy Awareness:  The more you can open your awareness to the experience of energy, the easier it will be to help yourself, family and friends. 

Learn Energy Cultivation:   Quantum-Touch uses Intention, Attention and Breathing to cultivate Life Force Energy.  Learn how! 


Energy Boost Self Care: Use energy awareness and cultivation exercises to boost your own energy levels .. with a focus on your immune system and all-important emotional support too.


Energy Boost Helping Others: Use energy awareness and cultivation exercises to help friends, family .. and pets. 

This class can be for EVERYONE.  No pre-requisite experience of Quantum-Touch is need. 


If you've been thinking about attending a Level 1 Quantum-Touch workshop with me, your attendance at the Energy Boost mini class will earn you an extra £22.50  discount off the price of my next Level 1    .. and that's in addition to getting an EXTRA £55 early-bird discount when you register for your Level 1 more than 21 days in advance.  

I still have a set of DVD's derived from the "video" workshop,  and often refer back to them and still  enjoy and learn more from them each time as different aspects "leap out" at me with fresh meaning. 

If you have any questions about Quantum-Touch treatments, training, using QT for yourself and your home use or becoming a Practitioner or Instructor, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.  I'm very happy to hear from you and delighted to be able to help.

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Click the button below to view my upcoming Quantum-Touch Trainings

There is also a pre-recorded original Quantum-Touch workshop available to buy direct from the Quantum-Touch Head-Quarter Website.  It was originally recorded in the days of "video tape" (hands up who can remember those? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ ) and has been converted into a more accessible online version, presented in a series of bite-size chunks of pre-recorded audio/video that you can experience at home in your own time.  Although possibly a little dated now, it is still oozing with useful, practical information that you can use.   


You can click the following link to check that out if you wish:   Original Quantum-Touch Online workshop 

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