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Energy Healing


Reiki stems from techniques that are thousands of years old, originating from India and the East and was rediscovered in Japan in the late 19th Century by Dr Mikao Usui. 

The word itself is Japanese and is pronounced Ray Khee. "Rei" means universal and "Ki" means energy or life force. When your "ki" levels flow freely, you feel fabulous and life seems easy, and your vitality will be high.  If you "ki" levels are low, then you may be tired, fatigued, feel flat and life just feels harder and more of a trudge. 

Then its time to book a Reiki session to give yourself a boost! 

A practioner of Reiki has to be attuned by a Reiki Master before being able to use this system for themselves, whereas Quantum-Touch is a set of specific techniques that are learnt.  There are several other key differences in the feeling of the energy, as I experience it, yet each are equally effective with different energetic qualities.

Reiki has been adapted over the years into many different forms e.g. Rainbow Reiki, Seichem Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Karuna Reiki, and so on.

I am attuned to the perhaps more traditional Usui Reiki, from which it is understood that all other types of Reiki have "descended".  


What are the benefits?

Reiki supports the body's natural self-healing ability by encouraging the free-flow of energy through the  chakra system and meridian energy channels. This is believed to help restore balance and harmony on all levels; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

As the body balances itself, physical symptoms may also noticeably subside following a treatment.

Reiki provides a balancing influence in life, and I have found it to be particularly beneficial where an individual is experiencing key emotional issues or life changes; it appears to  help promote a balanced and positive outlook on life, feelings of wellness and inner peace.

It helps you release blocks and baggage that your  body and mind have collected and stored throughout your life and it always works for your highest good. 

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful complementary therapy that may safely be used alongside orthodox medicine. There are no known medical contra-indications to Reiki and it is now becoming more widely available in hospitals, hospices, cancer support groups etc.


What happens during a session?

There is no need to remove any clothing for a Reiki session and the person receiving Reiki will usually be seated on a chair, or reclined on a therapy couch. 


The Practitioner will place their hands slightly above or lightly touching the client in a series of specific hand positions, beginning at the top of the head and working down the body towards the feet, spending time in each position before moving on to the next. 


The person receiving the Reiki draws the energy through the Practitioner who simply acts as a conduit, channeling the energy as required. 


The client often experiences heat or coolness, tingling, or itching, and will usually experience the feeling of stress lifting and being replaced by deep relaxation  (often falling asleep)!


As with Quantum-Touch, emotions or past memories may come to the surface as the energy goes where ever it is needed, helping to promote harmony and balance on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.


As part of the cleansing process, it helps to drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet after a treatment to assist with the detoxifying or cleansing processes.

A Reiki session can be experienced both in-person and over distance.  

Natural Soap and Flowers


Get in touch with me to book a Reiki session today.

Did you Know - You can learn to do Reiki

Everyone can do energy-work!

With Reiki, there are usually 3, occasionally 4, levels of attunement:

1st Degree Reiki Level I attunement  - self treatment with a focus mainly on the physical/material level

2nd Degree Reiki Level II attunement  - learning 3 symbols and focusing on etheric, mental/emotional levels

3rd Degree Reiki Master/Teacher - learning the Master Symbol, focusing more on the spiritual essence of life,  and how to carry our your own Level 1 attunements for others. 


While hosting Reiki Shares and Healing Circles, I do not teach Reiki at the present time as my main focus is teaching Quantum-Touch. 


However, I can whole-heartedly recommend a small number of Reiki Masters with whom I have had personal experience of wonderful treatments and/or  Attunements, and will very happily refer you to either of those if you would like to contact me initially so that I may do so. 


This may be for purely in-person tuition and  attunement, or a combination of on-line training and in-person attunement.

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