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Cancer Wellness Support

Cancer care is changing!  A wider focus is not purely about disease eradication or survival: it's about quality of life too. 


Below are the treatments I can offer to anyone on their wellness journey, especially supportive for those in treatment now or in the past for cancer, chronic illness, fatigue, or other painful condition, providing both physical and emotional support whenever you need it. 

Therapies Offered

Natural Soap and Flowers


Get in touch with me to discuss your cancer journey and work with me to create a wellness package that suits you.

Cancer survivors want to live well, and many of them are leading the way in embracing complementary and alternative medicine. 

When I first trained in Massage Therapy in 2008 I was taught that cancer was totally contra-indicated for massage i.e. a big No-No.  We had to get a GP's permission first, and on the few occasions I needed to request permission, I never got an answer. What to do?  You may also recall that as recently as 2018, the holiday company Center Parcs hit the headlines in the UK when they turned away a visitor from a spa treatment because she had cancer.  

It's heartening to know that attitudes are changing.  Leaders in cancer care are emerging and helping raise awareness of this outdated plight, with expert therapist training for the spa and holistic health industry now coming to the fore.

I've been trained by the Amethyst Trust endorsed by Penny Brohn Cancer Care, and the Made for Life Foundation in Cornwall, to ensure that I am always able to offer a caring, supportive treatment to everyone, wherever they are on their health and wellbeing journey. 

If you are a fellow massage or beauty therapist who is interested in finding out more about therapeutic touch therapies and spa-ritual style treatments specifically tailored to the needs of those on the cancer wellness journey, please do reach out to me and I'm more than happy to have a chat with you to share my experience and recommendations of the training I've received with Made For Life Foundation in Cornwall. 

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