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Meet  Eileen

In the last 15+ years,  I've trained in a range of holistic therapies, energy-work (Life Force Energy/meridian energy)  and self-healing techniques.   I've been learning  how to use motivational coaching techniques in the last 6 years and am continuing to invest time, money and effort into continuing on this path of personal, professional and spiritual development.  


I love reading books too, most recently by authors such as Eckhart Tolle, David R Hamilton, Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie, Abraham-Hicks and Deepak Chopra.  Not forgetting Terry Pratchett and Tolkein.  

I also love to spend spare time getting creative with sketching, writing, and music; all on an informal doodly sort of basis, usually when the house is quiet and I am in that kind of mood.  


I wonder if you:

  • have never really felt fully self-confident, especially in younger years;

  • always feel a bit of an outsider, sometimes pondering if you were just born in the wrong era;

  • think you're not as _______ as you should be; (fill the gap: perfect/ confident/ successful/ pretty/ stylish/ ambitious/ good/ perfect etc etc) 

  • feel uncomfortable in noisy spaces or with noisy people (cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, crowds)

  • are often told that you don't talk much or are "too quiet"

  • often unconsciously mirror the moods, characteristics and even physical symptoms of people you have in your space with you 

  • feel tired and drained when you have spent time in the company of "negative" people 

  • sometimes experience long, lingering dark moods, that mysteriously lift as quickly as they came

  • almost always have a low level of anxiety / unease;

  • find contentment in your own company; you don't feel a desperate need to be with other people all or most of the time;

  • find deep solace in the beauty and peace of nature; 

  • experience a soul-to-soul connection in the quiet trust and presence of pets and other animals

  • meditate a lot!

"Virtually everyone hears a voice, or several voices, in their heads all the time ... continuous monologues or dialogues... you have probably come across "mad" people in the street, incessantly talking or muttering to themselves.  That's not much different from what you and all other "normal" people do, except that You don't do it out loud." 

Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now

Today, all the above might be collectively be labelled as "something-or-other Disorder", on "this-or-that  on a Spectrum".  Does that necessarily mean there's something "wrong" that needs fixing?   No, I don't  believe it is.

What I found is that if you experience for yourself one or two or all of the above, it doesn't necessarily have to be a problem for you; more likely it's a problem for the people who are closest to you and, if that's the case,  says more about them than it does about You. 


When you just happen to be extraordinarily extra sensitive and a lot more empathic than the majority of people, then it can be a burden to you, or a gift, or a bit of both.  Probably no different to all your other natural gifts and talents that make you so unique.  


With a little self-awareness, it's all "our stuff" that we can learn from, accept, adapt, manage, enhance, develop more fully, understand more deeply ..  and that's okay!   Your choice of options here depends largely on your wellness mindset and what sort of person you are.  Have you been (and are you now) a glass-half-empty person, a bit of a victim-mentality perhaps?  Or did you learn early on in life that you really do create your own reality, opportunities and breakthroughs, and already have the inner resources to be the architect and designer of your life, just the way you want it?  

Thinking back,  it was really only after I first read "Ask and it is Given" (Hicks) and got attuned to Reiki that I started to become a more aware of my habitual thinking patterns, some extremely limiting "limiting beliefs" and -  on a positive note - my Intuition/ Inner Wisdom/Internal Sat Nav.  It was no mistake that the timing of those events coincided with a major turning point in life when suddenly, I felt like I was merely existing in a meaningless void.  What was it  all about? Why was I was even there?  What was the point of human existence?  (I wasn't suicidal, by the way.  It was just that there were lots of questions and didn't know where to go to get an answer that felt True for me).

Next, an entrepreneur introduced me to The Passion Test (authored by Janet Bray Attwood).  It gave me more than a few "Aha!" moments.  I realised, on a profoundly deep level, just how much I was boxing myself in with nothing more than the power of my thoughts, a very limited view of the world, and even lower self-esteem, confidence, and life direction.  It was little wonder that up until that point, I had felt completely stuck and powerless in life up (all self-inflicted, of course, and not any else's fault!). 

After that, in 2014,  I went to Chicago with the aim to attend a 4-day Passion Test training and to become a Passion Test facilitator.  When I listen to my own story about that whole part of my self-growth journey, I realise I was so riddled with self-doubt, fear, anxiety, paranoia and overwhelm,  I am amazed I actually made it to the training room!  I even had physical "should I shouldn't I" symptoms with a 4 day bout of Vertigo just 5 days before my flight out from UK, that disappeared once I absolutely resolved to go anyway, even if the world was spinning.  But since then, when I've shared my whole Passion Test story, so many other people have resonated with it  and been encouraged and inspired by it.  It  was a big Challenge that had turned into a big Opportunity and a big Win.  (I will make a recording of that and pop it on my You Tube channel at some point)!  

I learnt that we all have a unique combination of gifts and talents (yep, even me!) that we accumulate throughout the course of our life experience on this planet.  When we use them to help, encourage, inspire and serve others, it's helps us each connect more deeply with  a true sense of purpose, fulfilment, immense thankfulness and gratitude, and a magical heartfelt passion about life .. even on those  crappy days.


When we are being our authentic selves, that's when the magic happens and our inner lights really shine! 

It's ok to be who and what we are, where we are, when ever we are a certain way.  And mistakes are, afterall,  never mistakes if we can learn from them.  So there's no need to be afraid of making them. 

Next, I'd like to thank you again for visiting my website and for reading this far.   The above are all my own views, based on my own learnings and experiences, that are True for me yet may not necessarily be True for you.   I want to encourage and support you in finding your own Truth, accessing your own highest inner wisdom for your answers, and having the courage to follow your instinct and be your Authentic Self. 

What I have learnt is that when you are true to yourself, you are - and can become - much more physically healthier; a niche area of interest me.   I will be sharing  with you a list of some of the most commonly experienced physical symptoms that empathic, extra-ordinarily sensitive people might encounter;  including how to interpret them from a higher inner wisdom perspective and what you can do to change them if you wish to.   


The therapies, tools and techniques  featured on my website have helped not only myself, but hundreds of my clients too, to connect with and nurture your Soul, and to reap the rewards of doing so. 

I hope I get the opportunity to get to know you better soon.  I would love to hear about your own Soul-Seeking challenges, opportunities and successes too.   

"Life is simple.  Everything happens for you, not to you.  Everything happens at exactly the right moment,

neither too soon nor too late.

You don't have to like it; it's just easier if you do."

Byron Katie

Qualifications & ongoing Professional Development

  • Current student of intervention coaching: Robbins-Madanes Training

  • Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Specialist 

  • Quantum-Touch  Instructor/Practitioner

  • Usui Reiki Master/Practitioner

  • Meditation Teacher Diploma

  • Facilitator for The Passion Test - Coaching & Workshops

  • AMT Advance Practitioner Meridian & Energy Therapies (EFT)

  • Massage and BodyWork Therapies: Certified Hydrotherm Therapist, VTCT Swedish Advanced and IHM, Amethyst Trust Cancer Care Massage Therapy, Cancer Touch Therapy

Natural Soap and Flowers


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