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Interview with Johannes Fisslinger,  

Founder of Lifestyle Prescriptions University 

My Research Project into IBS

Sharing the  findings of my Research Project on IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) highlighting how IBS and other digestive symptoms were reduced or removed following a a single Coaching Sessions using Lifestyle Prescriptions Coaching protocols and methodology.  

In this research project, I learnt more about how IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is categorised and diagnosed in a standardised, orthodox approach to health and if using a more mind-brain-body connection aware approach from the onset (rather than "last resort").  I also discovered that persons suffering with IBS may be experiencing discomfort in different parts of the digestive system (stomach, colon, intestines ) so it proved quite complex .. but the results were pretty ground-breaking! 

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Featured in a Quantum-Touch Community Book  

"Everyday Miracles with Quantum-Touch - Energy Healing for Animals"

When Quantum-Touch compiled a book of animal-healing stories, they featured my account of "Lucy the Dairy Cow." 

This was pelvic re-alignment using the QT techniques I'd learnt to do with humans; only the lightest touch, no force required, applied with one palm on each side.  After just a few weeks, Lucy was back on the open paddocks again and walking almost normally again.  

All animals usually respond every well to energy-work, whatever their size or shape!  When you learn Quantum-Touch for yourself,  you have a powerful practical skill with which you can help your family, friends or pets ... whether near or far.  

I have used Quantum-Touch on my own horses and ponies, and being a cat owner, I find myself frequently offering Quantum-Touch to whatever their latest prey has been; whether frogs, moles, birds, mice and so on.  

If you love animals, you probably find that animals already respond very well to you.  Love is a Universal language that all beings understand.  And when you can lift the energetic frequency of that with Quantum-Touch techniques, we see more and more "everyday miracles" and this little book from Quantum-Touch highlights some truly wonderful QT experiences with all creatures great and small. 

Public Quantum-Touch Talks & Demonstrations 

Travelling to share the Quantum-Touch experience with others

As part of my Quantum-Touch practice, I attend various "Health & Healing Festivals" and "Mind Body Spirit Events" throughout the year.  My aim with this is to help more people find out about Quantum-Touch, so they can see and experience it for themselves beyond my own local community in Derbyshire.

This usually involves having a "trade stand" where I can take my therapy couch and create a central sign-posting hub for all things Quantum-Touch.  I will offer Quantum-Touch mini-treatments at these events, and also always do a "Quantum-Touch Talk and Demonstration" where I invite members of the audience up on stage with me so I can show how smoothly and easily "bones move" with Quantum-Touch, usually within 2 minutes .. and always around 98% of the time!  I meet many many people who have never seen anything like this before!  Working with others on a quantum-scale is something we are only just learning to scratch the surface of; there is just so much that we have yet to learn about what human beings are capable of, if only they could tap into those higher frequency energies for more of the time.  Wouldn't the world be quite a different place for us all?! 


I also get invited to share this talk & demonstration at corporate and social events (such as U3A,  Townswomen Guilds, and so on).  They are always fun to do and I'm delighted to be in a position where I can share the gift of Quantum-Touch with others in this way.    

Natural Soap and Flowers


Learn more about my Quantum-Touch Talks & Demonstrations 

"Q" is for QuantumEileen & Andy Twigge - BBC Radio Derby
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Interview on BBC Radio Derby 

"Q" is for Quantum-Touch - with Radio Derby Presenter, Andy Twigge. 

A short, humorous, and very -quick fire interview with "Twiggy" from Radio Derby who works his way through the alphabet and finds a topic on each individual letter to discuss for a couple of  minutes with listeners on-air.  As he say, "Q is always a tricky one" but I was very happy to oblige!  

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