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For Higher Guidance & Insights

Your mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing are very closely tied to your spiritual journey.  That's why I offer a variety of services, including Spirit-Led  Art Readings. 

These can be invaluable  for those times in life when you come to an important crossroads or milestone, to help you connect with your Spirit Guides and Spirit Friends for a Higher level of wisdom, insight or inspiration. 


 Make the best of life's many choices, opportunities and challenges, starting today. 

If you are in tune with your more spiritual and intuitive side, I imagine you are a very sensitive and empathic soul who is able to follow your own "inner sat-nav" when it comes to making important decisions as you progress along your spiritual path. 

From time to time, you may also get a little extra support or reassurance  by consulting oracle cards, by dowsing, through your own Meditation practice, or perhaps consulting clairvoyants or mediums, and so on.  

In a similar vein, my Spirit-Led Art Readings can offer you fresh insights and different perspectives that are offered uniquely to you from your Spirit Friends and Spirit Guides who are always there for you and will happily help you when ever invited to do so. .  

As a Therapist and holistic Health coach, I believe that our mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing is  very closely tied to our spiritual journeying.  And that is why I offer a variety of services, including these Spirit-Led  Art Readings. 

About the Art

This is a spirit-guided piece of art that is absolutely 100% unique to You as the enquirer.  You will not find another drawing like yours ANYwhere in the world.  It is not traced, digitally enhanced,  digitally generated using AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools and it, therefore, is not Instant and cannot be promised to be delivered to you within 10 minutes.  It takes me around 90 mins to produce a Reading.   I use a process called "automatic drawing" for the Portrait, allowing my hand to be guided; it isn't "me" doing the drawing; the way colours, shape and form are produced are not how I would "normally" create art in my own style. 


I treat each Reading with a sense of sacred ceremony, ritual and deep respect for the process.   I work within a Sacred Space created for the specific purpose of the reading, and only ever connect with spirit Guides and Friends of the highest, purest light and intent, and always dedicated to the Enquirer's Highest Good and Highest Good of All. 

I love to use coloured pastels for the art.  Things can get quite messy!  Once the picture portrait is complete, I ask for more information as to why this particular Guide or Friend has "come through" for you, and will then make a note of all the answers I receive, so I can share them with you.

When I get an inner knowing that the Reading is complete, I will make thanks and then close down the Sacred Space.  After that, I get in touch with you.  I will usually take a photograph of your piece of art, and send it to you via email along with the written insights/guidance.

If you particularly would like the original piece of art, it is yours!  You may either collect it in person, or have it posted to you.  Please note that the cost of postage and packing is NOT included in the cost of the reading, for either UK or International postage. 

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Let's have a chat. 

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Cost of your Imvestment is £ 75
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A bit about Eileen as an Artist


As a Therapist and holistic Health coach, I believe that our mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing is  very closely tied to our spiritual journeying.  And that is why I offer a variety of services, including these Spirit-Led  Art Readings. 


As a child, I was always doodling and drawing pictures or horses and ponies, cats or dogs, and other pets or, sometimes, wild animals if I could find a picture in a book to copy.  I was always writing stories about ponies and other animals too, often from their perspective, and usually from pure imagination.  (My hard-back version of "Black Beauty" by Anna Sewell was much loved and deeply treasured!)  


Thinking back on it, though, I was never ever inspired to draw pictures of people, and I remember having a real aversion to people-portraits on walls too. 


Being "able to draw" is a bit of a family gift.  Both my father and grandmother were very "arty".  They did lots of oil paintings.  My two brothers and sister have also always been "able to draw" too. I never did much with my Art except for an occasional pet portrait for a friend or a relative .. but that side of me was pretty much "parked" and I never ever went to any art classes of any sort to "learn how to do it properly." 


I do actually believe everyone can use art for expression, so in that context, everyone can do it.  It's just a matter of finding what form suits you best for that to happen.  


For me, finding that form of expression happened much later in life (age 30-something-or-other).  My path crossed with that of the wonderfully inspiring and extremely gifted artist, art educator, author and international medium Anne Bridge  Davies.   I had "accidentally" found myself sitting in a mediumship circle (not fully realising what it was!) and had quite a profound, insightful experience there.  I subsequently got to know Anne better, and when I discovered that she taught Spirit Art classes and workshops near where I lived, I went along with an open mind, full of curiosity and not much else of a clue what it was all about.  Interestingly, I was soon drawing portraits of spirit people (and animals!)  and really enjoyed the creativity of the whole process. 

Anne helped me learn to just "trust what comes through".  The messages might make no sense or logic to me, but they undoubtedly did for the recipient of my Art Readings.   I do feel very appreciative and grateful to be blessed with this gift and being of service to others in this unique way.  

It is only now, after possibly another 15 or so years afterwards, that I find myself being  nudged to bring my art more to the fore.  The timing is right. And that is where your path and mine both meet.  I look forward to working with you soon! 

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