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Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching

for Empaths and other Sensitive Souls


Why just live .. when you can truly thrive!


Whatever your beliefs are about symptoms and dis-ease,  health care is evolving. A new paradigm is emerging based on a deeper understanding of not just our biology and physiology, but also our body-mind-social connections. It can be described as a healing and personal development science. 

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching is based on the newest research in Lifestyle Medicine, the Art and Science of Self-Healing and Organ-Mind-Brain anatomy confirming that up to 80% of chronic health issues (yes! 80%!!) can be reversed through comprehensive lifestyle changes.

I am a certified Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Specialist, which is a root-cause based approach to helping individuals resolve life and health challenges.   I am also continuing to enhance my coaching skills in my current studies  with the highly acclaimed Robbins-Madanes Training in life coaching and the skill of strategic intervention. 

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Self-Healing doesn’t mean doing nothing. To the contrary. It means removing everything that’s blocking your body’s natural auto-regulation process and increasing vitality and self-healing mechanisms.  This is a fully integrative approach to health, and its about finding what works for YOU.

The key is getting clear on your goals, gaining deeper awareness of your root cause(s) and creating an actionable plan together to help you find more motivation and self-empowerment to achieve the success you want, that you truly can achieve, and that you unquestionably deserve. 

After your Discovery Session, you'll get the option to continue working with me as your dedicated Health Goal Success Coach if you wish ... but there is no obligation to do so.  The Discovery Session is a valuable gift from me to you to help you get started.

Of course, if you are committed to improving your health and wellness, and are prepared to take action (even just baby steps to start with!) then you are exactly the sort of person I absolutely love to work with and below is outline of the 3 step Health Coaching method I will share with you once we decide to work together.  

The 3-Step Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching Method


STEP 1  - Your Unique-to-You Root-Cause Analysis

You'll discover your 6 Root-Causes (the WHY and HOW); exactly which specific stress trigger, emotion, belief, and lifestyle habits are affecting your specific symptom; and where you are in your natural healing process (the "9 points and phases of self-healing"). 

I think you'll be utterly surprised by what you discover ...

STEP 2 -  Radical Transformations

Together, we'll use evidence-based Self-Healing Techniques and Protocols to help you: 

♥ Release unresolved emotional hurts
♥ Reset and let go of stress triggers
♥ Establish empowering beliefs
♥ Create real-life and social improvements
♥ Increase strength, vitality and life energy

You'll see results during your very first session...

Radical Transformations.png

STEP 3 - New Habits with Lifestyle Prescriptions®

At each of our sessions, we'll agree your next powerful steps to success with a personalised, laser-sharp and root-cause based Lifestyle Prescription® that engages you, increases awareness and helps you create new healthy lifestyle habits.

Just imagine where you will be, and how you will feel, in 90 days - if you improve only 1% a day...

Coaching Plan Options

DISCOVERY SESSION = a  30 minute confidential online meet-up with me via Zoom.  

This Discovery Session  will help you get a clear vision of your health and wellness goals and help you get started with your first 3-5 steps in  creating an actionable plan that will make your vision a reality.  How does that sound? 

PAY AS YOU GO  = 90 minute coaching sessions based on the 3-Step Coaching Method above, and scheduled minimum once a month.   This could be the perfect option if you need to spread the cost of your time and money investment a little at the moment. 

♥ UPGRADE to a 3-MONTHLY PLAN  =  by far the best value with a 90 minute weekly session and unlimited email support.  

I'm super excited to hear from you soon. 

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Specialist

Expressions of Gratitude from Happy Clients

Over 30 years of chronic IBS symptoms resolved...

"I can't speak highly enough of Eileen. I had a wonderful session with her and she most definitely solved my IBS problem. I had struggled with this for so many years and through my session with Eileen she was able to take me back to when I began with it and help me to release deep inside what was causing the issue.

Whenever I struggle with anxiety I just look back at our session and the feedback on it, try to do meditation which I find always puts a positive rather than negative approach in my mind and then I'm able to control my emotion. My tummy has never felt better.

Thank you Eileen you are an absolute star and I strongly recommend you." - Debbie B, Cornwall, UK

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