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Emotional Freedom Technique  

Emotional Freedom Technique ("Tapping") is one of a number of forms of "Energy Tapping" that combines the principles of ancient Chinese medicine with modern psychology.  In that sense, it has been likened to Acupuncture ... but without the needles.  We gently "tap" specific energy points on our bodies with our fingertips instead.

It's great for helping people move through Fears and Phobias,  and can often offer new understandings and insights as to why they have become so established in a person's life and had some an inhibiting effect on them being their best self! 

Do you feel "stuck" in a particular area of life, and have perhaps come to a plateau after having tried a few different things to get around it?  Interestingly, there is usually a corresponding emotion (or "energy")  that is stuck too.  This isn't your fault!  No, you aren't imagining it!  And you definitely aren't alone either. 


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)  is based on the understanding that the cause of all such negative emotions (fears, phobias etc)  is a disruption in the body's subtle energy system.  So instead of flowing freely and helping us feel energised and motivated,  the disruption causes a blockage that gets stuck.  It can be caused by stressful events or trauma, for example, that we may or  may not have a conscious recollection of. 

The tapping movement that we use in EFT  stimulates electromagnetic activity, and helps to release blockages within the body's energy system which are the source of emotional intensity and discomfort. It is also understood that some of this activity sends calming signals to the part of the brain that detects threats and is involved in all anxiety disorders.


When we combine these effects with mental focus on the issue being treated, profound changes can take place.

After an EFT treatment, we find that any high, negative emotional charge is dramatically reduced. Insights are often received that contribute to one's greater self-awareness and self-empowerment when similar challenging situations arise in the future.  You will, subsequently, find yourself adopting new strategies for dealing with issues or difficult situations that have habitually held you back in life. 


Best thing is, you'll grow and evolve; and feel much more happy and fulfilled as you do so.  

EFT  can also be very helpful for physical pain.  Many people find this quite surprising, but physical pain almost always has a corresponding emotional "charge", and by addressing the emotional charge around pain, the body can relax and release more easily. 


More and more, scientific research is revealing fascinating mind-body connections to us that help to explain this phenomena,  previously only recognised by a more holistic and "preventative" approach to health and considered by mainstream or orthodox health approaches as "woo woo".   Different horses for different courses, as the saying goes.  It's good to have choice! 

What are the benefits?

Whilst we are all individual and the results vary from case to case, Eileen has helped people with a wide range of issues:

  • Emotional associations of physical pain - unlocking the mind-body-emotion connection to allow greater ease. The mind-brain-body-emotion connection is something I've studied in great depth and have had great results with.

  • Fear of spiders - learn to live with our little 8 legged friends without panic. Sounds impossible?  Try it! 

  • Fear of flying - make your flights as enjoyable as the rest of your holiday.  No two cases of this are the same; everyone's perspective and fears are unique to them .. and it can be a fascinating journey of self-discovery uncovering exactly what it is that causes your fear specifically.

  • Driving anxiety and/or fear of motorway driving - be relaxed on the road (see video interview below)

  • Fear of horses and riding - understand your fear and give your horse confidence in you!  Horses and ponies are super-sensitive and amazingly spiritual souls.  Sometimes, you only have to think "what if he takes off with me .." and you're off!  Being relaxed and calm around all animals will help them be relaxed and calm too.  I love horses and being able to help owners get closer bonds with their animals is absolutely one of my favourite uses of EFT and other forms of energy-work. 

  • Performance anxiety for musicians and public speakers -  get on stage and live what you love.  When I was playing in bands, I used EFT as a self-help tool for pre-gig nerves and on-stage confidence.  I really recommend it. 

  • Golfers - improve your handicap!  You CAN feel more relaxed on the course in the best of company and still enjoy your game.  I am no golfer myself, but I have worked with several serious golfers and it's fascinating to explore what those blocks are (and nobody else in the golf club need ever know how you've improved so fast!) 

In  the following interview,  hosted by Sally Race of Derbyshire Hypnotherapy  I give an  example of how I helped one client overcome her fear of motorway driving so she could resume her previous journeying to all her favourite countrywide yoga retreats once more.

What happens during a session?


EFT sessions can be done in person in a quiet and comfortable setting, or can also be done via telephone or videoconference (ZOOM/ SKYPE) which eliminates the need to travel for treatment.

Inner stress stored in the body from previous trauma or life shocks, often in our subconscious mind and hardly remembered, of often at the core of fears and phobias. EFT is so effective, that if an issue is so deeply personal or traumatic that a client does not feel comfortable discussing detail, the client does not need to verbalise their thoughts, and can simply focus on the memory or feeling.


Of course, I aim for my clients to feel comfortable with me, and fully supported by me,  with absolute confidentiality assured, so if you are thinking about booking an EFT session, do feel free to get in touch any time for an informal chat to ensure you get all the information you need so you can make an informed decision either way.

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Get in touch with me to book an EFT session today.

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