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Eileen Strong Health Coaching:

Updated: Jan 9

2 Years, 500 hours, 30+ case studies, 90 min coaching-swaps, exams, and a Certificate (or two!) 😊

Acknowledge your Successes!

I am not really one to crow about my own successes and achievements. I'm far more of a "prefer to stay out of the limelight" sort of person.

BUT .. this video-blog post is really to let everyone who knows me professionally hear that I finally did it!! I am now, officially, offering Health Coaching Services that go hand-in-hand with my background in holistic and complementary therapies. And I wanted to create the opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who has teamed up with me over the last 5 or so years while I've been studying, learning, practicing new skills and researching what I'm learning in a practical way through detailed - and often quite complicated - health-focused case studies.

When I received my first Lifestyle Prescriptions University (LPU) Health Coach Certificate in March 2020, it was after 2 years of part-time learning, 250 hours in-class sessions, a wealth of 90 minute online coaching share sessions with my fellow students worldwide .. and not to mention all the Case Studies!

LPU Lecture Malaga 2019
Malaga Highlights: Dr Stephane Provencher: Chiropractic/Craniosacral Integrated Health Expert Outdoor Lecture "Upgrading your Brain®"

Not that it was all solid slog! There were plenty of light moments, highlights, celebrations, new experiences and new friends made along the way.

I was able to attend the LPU Health Coach Conference in Malaga in 2019 where I met other delegates from South Africa, France, Czech Republic, Canada, USA, Germany and attended lectures and demonstrations hosted by LPU faculty.

LPU Health Conference, Malaga.
Malaga Highlights: Dr Anton Bader: Brain Relay Diagnostics expert - mind-brain-body relays

We had plenty of quality relaxation and social time too. Being part of a professional network of coaches and experts is something I am deeply grateful for.

When you look back over time and realise how much you have learnt, grown, and transformed, in exactly the most perfect way for YOU, it's so motivating!

Palm tree, beach, sea, Malaga
Malaga 2019- International 4-DayHealth Coach conference destination-a transformational and mind-expanding learning experience

So I kept on studying! I realised how much this work was teaching me about my own health issues, and in turn, how my own health issues were giving me the opportunity to take a deep-dive into a new understanding of the mind-brain-body connection that I simply had not ever learnt about in such profound detail before.

Then later, in January 2021, I was presented with my Health Coach Specialist Certificate too; that was after another 500 hours in-class sessions, more coaching shares, case studies .. and so on.

Reflected in those 2 bit of paper was a heck of a lot of dedication, focus and commitment. And yes, it was tiring!

After all that achieving, I decided to take a break from studying for a while; it's always an open option to get back into that later. But for now, I felt like I needed to let all that new knowledge and experience integrate with what I already had learnt .. a bit of an brain upgrade. And just .. chill!

Thing is, it's not so much about getting the Certificates to hang on a wall. They are lovely and I'm very proud of them. Yet it was more intrinsic that that. It was about the feelings of fulfilment, sense of purpose, and the passion too. We are all unique after all, with our own super-powers! Doors open for us alone that would not open for anyone else in quite the same way.

That's how I feel about the Health Coaching services I can now offer. They will provide me with the perfect platform into which all my other skills and knowledge can be integrated and focused.

So how are you doing with your own health goals? Would you like to accelerate your progress and get more clarity on your short, medium and long term health goals? Would you like to commit to the journey and work with someone who is going to support you and encourage you all the way?

That could be the extra bit of motivation that helps you take those extra little actions that make all the difference.

Want to feel better?

Then let's get started.

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