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Updated: Jul 28

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Healthy-Self Choices

I am still, as much as I ever was, in favour of following a more natural route to health and particularly, an integrated approach to health.

In a culture where we “have a pill for every ill”, so few people seem to realise they can truly take more responsibility for their own health. But wherever we are on our own health and wellbeing journeys, we ALWAYS have options and choices available to us.

We can make the most of a wealth of choices on how we manage our own health by looking at both orthodox and alternative options, doing our own research, looking at different perspectives and different views from different experts. It can be a little daunting or confusing at times because well, let’s face it, there are so many experts, whether they focus on Nutrition, Exercise, Specific Remedies, Orthodox Medicine, Holistic Therapies, Homeopathic Remedies, and so on. There is so much choice!!

Looking at different perspectives and then making our own choices is so much more empowering and liberating than feeling as if there is no choice at all, or being resigned to a particular fate or specific outcome. Would you agree?

What is Health Coaching anyway?

When you work with me as your Health Coach, I won’t make decisions for you, or tell you what to do.

When I am doing some “pure coaching.” I’ll ask you questions and help to empower you to find the solutions that are right for You. We’ll get clarity together on what your goals are, what is important to you, what you have or have not already tried, what has or has not already worked for you, and what inner conflicts (if any) have been holding you back from reaching these goals by yourself.

To support you further, I’ll also be able to draw on my own experiences, if required, to help you achieve some of the things I’ve already achieved myself, so you can get the same results. This might includes sharing a specific technique with you so that you can develop extra skills for yourself that you can use time and time again whenever required.

Through my training specifically with the Lifestyle Prescriptions™ University, I have gained a much deeper awareness of the language our bodies speak, expressed through very specific symptoms. Our aches, pains, itches, swellings and so on are all messages. Deciphering the messages is something I love to help people do, because it helps to raise new awareness about the causes and origins of disease processes; it makes for a meaningful conversation between the psyche, the brain and the body itself as part of our evolution.

In this regards, my Health Coaching training has taught me not only coaching skills, but cutting edge techniques and protocols to help clients get a deeper understanding of symptoms; what's really been going on in someone's life to keep driving those chronic symptoms?

Who can benefit from working with me as their Health Coach?

  • You don't have to be unhappy with your health to benefit from working with me. You will, however, know that life could be so much better for you, and you just want to turn challenges into opportunities, and learn some new strategies to help you achieve your health and wellbeing goals and uplift your health to the next level.

  • You know you’ll benefit from that extra bit of extra motivation and support that a Health Coach can provide you with.

  • You’ll be working with someone who is a great listener, and who will notice the things you don’t say just as much as the things you do.

  • You’ll get some options on how you work with your coach, agree together on the terms of your relationship, and the level of support and intervention that you need.

If you want to move your health and wellbeing up to a higher level or priority in your life, you can keep on making progress the way you have always done by yourself. Or you can accelerate your progress and get more clarity on your short, medium and long term health goals, and work with someone who is going to support you and encourage you all the way! That could be the extra bit of motivation that helps you take those extra little actions that make all the difference.

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