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The Cancer Support Cafe - #Belper

A warm welcome and a hot cuppa awaits ...

I am writing this in the early summer of 2024. I'm very fortunate to have my therapy rooms located just a short walk from the Market Place in the bustling and busy town of Belper in Derbyshire. The Market Place has a large, free car park and plays host to some great community events, including a Farmer's Markets, Art Trails, Pride Events and much more more. Tucked away in one corner is a meeting venue called Number 28.

It was whilst walking past there one morning on my way to my therapy rooms that I first noticed the advertising poster for the Cancer Support Cafe in Belper. It caught my attention as this is a topic I feel very motivated to support, particularly with a focus on Cancer Wellness for those on their journey (whether past or presently being treated) and those much loved family, friends, carers and inspirational figures who take a supportive role.

Come and meet Tony ...

I then got introduced to the Cancer Support Cafe host, Tony Lormor, separately through the friend of a friend that led me back to Number 28 .. so I went along to find out more about it.

Topics that raise eyebrows or warm the heart ...

First, Tony has created a wonderful space for people to relax and share whatever comes to mind at these Cafe-based meet-ups. It's very informal, yet respectful of confidentiality and privacy.

And what a wide range of topics arise during shared discussion over a hot drink and a chocolate biscuit.

  • How it feels to receive that very first "it's Cancer" diagnosis, to the way that was delivered, and how that moment still impacts people's minds much much further along. How do people cope with that?

  • What nutritional advice/support did people get from the hospital (if any!) and - in hindsight - was it good advice, or poor? I have heard a few horror stories about that too, yet also found out how people have adapted their diets to help support their healing processes better.

  • What is most important to people on their cancer journey; quality of life or quantity, if they had to choose?

  • How has the cancer diagnosis affected that person's carers and loved ones? In the opinion of some people on their cancer journey, it's their loved ones and carers that struggle most emotionally and mentally.

  • And so many other topics arise ..

Common Issues

Undoubtedly, there are some very common themes.

It's come as a surprise (and a relief!) to many to learn that they are not alone in their experiences .. although every person's journey is unique.

Look at Tony himself, for example. Going from peak fitness as a pro football player, to then having to give that up to support looking after his own wellness, has been a life-changer. Not surprisingly, obviously. But it is a real life-changer for anyone; whatever their age, background, experience of life, state of health, etc.

About Tony Lormor - Cancer Support Cafe in Belper
Cancer Support Cafe in Belper

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