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Eileen Strong

Lifestyle Prescription® Health Coaching
Helping you Self-Create Optimum Health

We all love to help others, don’t we, especially if we have family members to care for, or if we are therapists, carers or health care workers by profession in a demanding, unforgiving environment.

Yet even those of us with the biggest hearts, the eternal givers of our world, inevitably have to stop at some point and make self-care more of a priority. Every time we ignore the inner voices of our own emotional, mental, spiritual and physical needs, a little bit more of our sparkle fizzles and fades, and seems to stretch further and further away beyond our fingertips. 

Valuing time for self-care is not about being selfish. It’s really about having a healthy-self mindset. 
I’m here to help you tap into the inner power and limitless rewards that a healthy-self mindset can bring into your life. 

Work with Me

My commitment to you:

In the last 15+ years,  I've invested time, money and other resources in learning about a more integrated approach to health and wellness that will give people more choices, more options and - just as importantly - more self-help tools to help them feel more empowered by their health challenges.


I've been trained in a range of holistic therapies, energy-work modalities and  transformational coaching techniques to help me do this.  As a Lifestyle Prescription® Health Coach Specialist and  Robbins-Madanes Training student,  I love to meet people where ever they are at on their self-help to a healthier-self journey and to offer them support, encouragement and motivation by helping them dig deep into their own inner resources and find their own inner strength to succeed at whatever has eluded them so far in terms of their health and wellness goals. 

In a nutshell, I will help you tap into your own healthy-self-mindset to get absolute clarity on your goals, your priorities, and help you create your own unique action plan to success.  


Your commitment to me:

Take responsibility for your health and take action.  You can do it.  Sometimes, all you need to do is give yourself permission to prioritise yourself, your own needs .. and get on with it! 


There is no need to keep battling on, wearing a brave face and a smile that masks a tired body in need of refreshment and a tired soul in need of self-connection. 


Take the first all important first step on your transformational journey.  Take action and book a discovery call with me today...

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Get in touch now to find out how I can help you live a healthier and happier life.

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