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We all love to help others, don’t we?  It's an intrinsic part of being a human being. 


It seems to me that the eternal givers of our world, the "earth-angels" with the biggest hearts (often in professions where they are carers, therapists, health professionals and so on) inevitably have to stop at some point to make self-care more of a priority.

These "earth angels" are often very sensitive and highly empathic, with an exceptional natural capacity to feel, sense or even embody the mental, emotional, or physical pain of others around them; especially the ones they love and care for the most.   This natural capacity can be both a blessing and a gift, or a burden.  


They may identify themselves as having to be "the strong one", "the one that keeps the peace," "the one that holds it all together" or  "the one that everyone goes to" for x, y, z.  

Earth-angel; empath;

This is just a small part of the great strength and beauty of their uniqueness; a part of their soul purpose, if you like.   For them, the challenge may be finding ways to avoid their own melt-down, break-down or burnt-out, and being able to read the warning signs (of which there will be many) before they reach tipping point.   The warning signs are the signal to stop, stand back, and do a little Soul-Seeking.   

Anatomy Drawing

Our physical bodies are excellent transmitters of warning signs, which it is able to express in various degrees of subtlety; from the softest of whispers and most gentle nudge, to the most savage outcry and piercingly deafening demand for attention. 

If this sounds like some sort of weird foreign or other-worldly language to you, please know that can already use your inner resources and unlimited higher wisdom that you need to engage a meaningful conversation between your "inner healer" and your outer conscious awareness.

This is where our paths now intertwine.


This mind-brain-body -soul connection is a topic I am passionate about.


And I am able to help you investigate more deeply and assist with interpretation  if invited to do so.  

Our Soul is always present within us, but it doesn't usually leap out and appear to us automatically.  We may actively need to seek it out, get to know it, attend to it's needs, take time to reflect on it fully and allocate quality time to it to help it thrive and grow.   

This starts to happen when we take more time for self-care, for developing a healthy-self mindset, for paying attention to the things in life that really light us up .. and for simply Being and Honoring Our Authentic Self. 

Our truly Authentic Self is not necessarily the One that our loved ones, friends, colleagues or social circle wants, needs, forces, pressurises, manipulates or expects us to be;

Wellness Coach_edited.jpg


It's not always an easy path.  It can be especially difficult when you are highly empathic and deeply sensitive.  It requires bravery, courage, resolve, and trust in your own inner wisdom. 


Yet, it's always transformational, uplifting, inspiring, and self-empowering. 


It's time.  For more information on this topic, please do get in touch and let's chat.   

"To nourish the soul means to partipate in the very mechanics of creation - to become a co-creator or your life and of your world as you want it to be."   


Wayne Dyer, Ph.D    Handbook for the Soul 

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