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Take a Break from the Usual Routine .. with a simple Change of Scenery

Updated: Jan 9

I used to work as an Executive P.A. & Administrator in a Private Mobile Radio company. It was a varied role with lots of different responsibilities, and I gained some great transferable skills that turned out to be super-useful when I later joined the ranks of the self-employed. I had some wonderful bosses that I learnt a lot from! Even the not-so-wonderful bosses, I learnt a lot from! So I feel much gratitude for all those years in the telecoms sector ... but I wouldn't go back to it!

I love being my own boss, choosing my own hours, choosing the people I work with, and above all .. getting all the Job Satisfaction, Sense of Purpose, and Being of Service to Others boxes ticked too!

I also get to choose the WHERE I work too! And even though I can work from home via Zoom with the Lifestyle Health Coaching, work from a natural health centre in a nearby town doing more "hands on" therapy, and even go mobile with home visits, doing talks & demo's, running workshops and classes and more more more ... I still enjoy a break from all those routines (if I can call them routines!!) and do something different to get a complete change of scenery. It's just .. refreshing!

A change of environment can, afterall, improve our creativity, our memory and mood, it seems! So do you feel a bit bored in your job or your daily your routine? Are you feeling unchallenged, or stressed , or demotivated? take a break from monotomy!

Every year, I spend a whole weekend "at work" in a complete change of scenery! You wouldn't think that being next-door to one of the England's most well known race-tracks and small airports for a weekend would present itself with enough peace and quiet for doing any therapy work.

But, it's surprising how easy it can be to create a wonderful ambiance for therapy work with just a teensy bit of imagination.

Many therapists work the music festival circuit every year. A huge number of festivals have a peaceful space set aside where festival go-ers can go to relax, and get a massage or other holistic therapy between watching their favourite bands and enjoying all the other sights and sounds of a Festival.

Every year I help organise "The Energy Orchard" at a local festival "Off The Tracks". It's a small but beautiful festival, very friendly and relaxed, and with all the safety and security needs firmly in place making it very family-friendly.

We usually have a team of around 4 of 5 therapists every year, so we have a really nice mix of therapies available for festival-goers to enjoy. This year, the Energy Orchard offered Shiatsu, Indian Head Massage, Himalayan Bowl Massage, Reiki, Quantum-Touch, Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Yoga, a Shamanic-style Drumming Meditation .. and a Kirtan spiritual singing meditation experience too. So there was lots on offer!

I take my 3 metre square gazebo-style tent with me and create a pop-up therapy room which becomes my sacred space for 3 days .. and here's just a quick video on how I do it!!!

Make It Happen

As with lifestyle changes that promote better health and wellbeing, you don't have to make a drastic change all at once! Sometime, it's just changing a few of the little things that make a big difference over time, every time.

But you have to take the action and make it happen.

How about:

  • Reduce stress and boredom: Get out of the same old same old routine by changing your surroundings: break the monotony and stimulate your senses! Try working from a different location, such as a coffee shop, a library, or a park. You can also take a weekend getaway to explore a new place and relax.

  • Boost creativity and innovation: Changing your environment can also spark new ideas and perspectives. At the festival, I get to meet people from a range of different cultures. Even listening to different genres of music (that perhaps I wouldn't normally choose to listen to if I was at home!) can be inspiring! After seeing a traditional Punjabi folk dance band that fused it's sound with Western Rock music (think Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Cream!) I did a google search when I got home for anywhere local that was teaching Bhangra Dance Class for Beginners! Potentially, that's a whole new hobby! It ticks my Physical Exercise and Social Circle boxes too! boxes. inspiration from nature, art, or music. You can try visiting a museum, a gallery, or a concert. You might also consider joining a class, a workshop, or a meetup group to learn something new or meet new people.

  • Improve productivity and performance: Changing your environment can also help you focus and get things done. You might only need adjust the lighting, temperature, or noise level around you to create a more optimal work environment.

These are just a few ideas inspired by my weekend getaway in a complete change of scenery! Might be worth having a think about it.

I love my job as a therapist and health coach. I already get lots of variety! But I still look forward to my weekend away at Off The Tracks every year, and getting a complete change of scenery!


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