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Learn to Love to Meditate

The Online Course with Eileen Strong

For many people, Meditation is a subject shrouded in mystery with more than just a small sprinkling of confusion. Afterall, when you start Googling it, it's hard to know exactly what it is or what it isn't, what it should or what it shouldn't be, how it works, whether or not it can help you and, of course,  how to actually DO it!  


If these are all things you've been wondering about, and you've been pondering for a while about learning Meditation for yourself, then it's no mistake you've landed here today ....   

You're here by Special Invitation Only! 

Thank you for expressing an interest in Learning to Love to Meditate with me.   Below you will find an extract of the opening video presentation and part of the first Module, just to give you a little taste of what to expect. 

Video Preview:

  • Opening Welcome to the Course

  • Module 1 - What is Meditation? 

    • What is the image in your mind?​

    • 5 Helpful Things to know about Meditation - facts or fiction? 

    • Definitions, Choices & Perspectives         (not included here)

    • Meditation - Your Key to Inner Calm       (not included here)

    • Module Worksheets                                    (not included here)

About the Whole Course

The whole course has been built on the Teachable online learning platform.   This is the first time I've used it and, frankly, it's been a bit of a challenge!  

I've also had to learn lots of new skills, like actually working out how to use my camera as a video recorder, set up room lighting for recording, how to present on camera, edit videos, edit sound tracks, and then put it all together.  It did get easier as I got further into the course. 


Having you aboard to help trial the Course does give me some peace of mind that I'm not going to launch it with any big clangers! Thank you! 

Below is a link to the Course Sales Page on our Teachable Platform "Wellbeing Anywhere".  Please click to view it, and this will tell you more about the whole course and show you a preview of all the contents. 

As my Special Guest ... 

You'll get all the above, with my compliments!   However, since you are helping me to fully "test" my Course before it's first public launch, I would really appreciate if you could:


  • Aim to complete as much of the course as possible before 1 May 2022

  • Join the private Facebook Group and/or 

  • Participate in a minimum of 4 of the LIVE Zoom Q&A sessions 

  • Use the Meditation journal sheets 

  • Listen to at least 2 (if not all!) of the Guided Meditations provided

The Facebook Group and the Zoom calls are the 2 main ways I will be supporting all the students who enrol on the course.  I can liaise with you directly when I schedule these so that everyone gets an opportunity to join in and contribute. 

I will be inviting Feedback from you throughout on your experience, including your thoughts on the quality of the presentations, the content itself, the worksheets, the additional resources, the additional value, the support systems, the pricing ... and so on!


My deadlines are:


  •  3 April - discounted early-bird tickets go on sale 

  •  1 May -  Summer 2022 student class starts and course automated "drip feed" downloads start. 

I have been teaching Meditation since 2014  and this is my FIRST online course!  So I just want to say that I really appreciate your friendship, your support, and your willingness to invest your valued time. 

Next Steps

If you are ready to jump right in, please click on the button below and I'll personally sign you in to the course at our WellbeingAnywhere website so you get priority access, can start finding your way around the classroom and  get your home Meditation practice started just as soon as you are ready.  See you there! 

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